Curriculum vitae

Name: Venediktova Tatiana, b. 12.23.52, Moscow

Teaching/ research experience: teaching at Moscow University since 1978 (full professor since 1994), Dept. of World Literature, undergraduate and postgraduate levels; supervising research in American Literature for M.Phil & Ph.D.

Academic qualifications: M.A. - Moscow University, 1974; Ph.D. (“candidate” of Philology degree) - Moscow University, 1978; “Doctor” of Philology degree - Moscow University, 1990.

Areas of research interests: American and comparative literature and culture.

Knowledge of languages: English, French, German.

Books and Monographs (in Russian):

Member of the boards of the two Russian American studies associations (one for History and Culture studies, the other for Literary studies).

Director of graduate summer schools in American Studies (sponsored by USIA, at Moscow University): “Text as Culture, Culture as Text” (1997), “America as Vision and Spectacle” (1998); “The Imagined Past of America: History as a Cultural Construct” (2000).

Participated in EAAS conferences in Warsaw (1996), Lisbon (1998, chaired a workshop), Graz (2000).

Fellowships: Fulbright fellow 1995 (Duke University); fellow at the J.F. Kennedy Institute, 1997 (Free University, Berlin); fellow at the International Forum for U.S. Studies, 1999 (University of Iowa). I visited SUNY in 1977 and Yale in 1990 as part of the university exchange.

Co-teaching: course in "Language Experiment and Democratic Experience in American Poetry" - taught during the fall semester (1998) by myself at MU and Prof. Christa Buschendorf, head of the American Studies Program at the Frankfurt (am Main) University, with active e-mail correspondence among her and my students, crowned by a weekend get-together in Frankfurt, in January 1999.

Project-in-progress: "Nation as Narration: Nationalistic Discourse in America and in Russia in Mid-Nineteenth Century" - seminar to be co-taught at Moscow University with a M. Makeyev, Prof. in the Russian Literature Dept.